Every day we receive requests for Business, entrepreneurs and individuals who want get more likes, they need to have a significant increase in likes on their posts because according to their information it is the way to get more sales. But it is that the likes do not sell, really not.

When we talk about likes we are leaving aside the most important information of a publication and that is why we are going to analyze in detail the structure of a publication in a global way and in particular in Instagram and Facebook which are the ones that seem to be bringing you the most headaches.

Fortunately, there are many spaces to train online and this is causing many companies not to hire professionals, who are frantically trying to get more followers, more likes, as if the clicks were automatic sales or insurance to obtain more contracts later through the web.

So the likes are useless?

They are neither useful nor useless, they confuse, create false intensity in the accounts and the mistaken feeling of having an account "on fire" or "in ruins". We know many accounts that exceed 200 likes on a daily basis and have hardly any visits on the web or, on the contrary, companies that do not have likes on their social networks but people write direct messages, save the publications, share them or simply contact by WhatsApp .

From our follower profile we cannot see it, it is clear, but it is a reality and the statistics do not lie. The likes yes. According to Hootsuite Social media statistics are a key ingredient to any social media marketing strategy.

So what objective do we have for the networks if it is not to get likes?

The objective of your social networks should not be other than connecting with your current and future clients, but connecting with them. To be a space for the dissemination of promotions but also for recommendations, opinions where it is easy to find out what the philosophy of the company is, how it feels, how it thinks and how it treats its customers.

In Spain, the function of social networks is seriously confused and commercial work is expected of it that not even companies do. Why are we going to hire a sales team if I already have social networks, right? 

A social network is not a commercial network, a community manager is not a commercial and having likes is not the result prior to having sales. The faster we are clear about this, the easier the new path and the necessary new marketing strategy that you have to implement with your company will be.

The first thing to clarify, if you are not constant, do not start until you really want to be. There is absolutely no use in spending a week or two at full throttle and then just doing nothing. Really, for that do not waste time, much less invest a euro in advertising because it will be money thrown away.

Second, if you don't know about marketing or graphic design, let yourself be advised and don't do experiments. In many cases you end up with publications with little impact that wears you out and does not allow you to be active in this new plan.

What good is a person who just guesses the different actions other than to waste time?

Do the likes not work or do they work?

Of course, they are useful but they are not used to sell, then the use you have to give is another and it must serve you in another way. You can't expect the likes, likes, etc. to generate sales because what they really do is something else.

The likes will allow you to increase your presence on that social network because the algorithm understands that this publication is interesting and decides to show it. That, with a good text, a fair and correct hashtag selection, will increase the number of impressions (the times your publication is viewed). In this way, let's say that you give impetus to a post, publication and you can then get closer to generating sales.

How do I generate sales then? This is that simple:

You publish something => you get likes, comments or any type of interaction => you increase impressions => you increase the possibility of getting people to go to your website, link or promo.

So in this way and because the chances you have when your photograph is seen 100 times are not the same as if they have been seen 200 or 5000, right?

If you have a correctly configured account you will see that under each publication you will have access to the statistics. Go into them for a moment, analyze these data with me.

In the first row you will find hearts, comments, shared and saved. Extremely important data because of this first row, only the first data is the one that is seen publicly.

Below we begin to have more important information: Visits to the profile and reach (the total number of users who have seen a content) and in the next line we find the Interactions.

The interactions show the behavior of the users before our publication. Have we achieved the same number of visits to the profile as of likes? What about visits to our store or website? Sure the number plummets compared to the amount of likes.

Let's not get discouraged! That from this information we can obtain important data to assess whether we are communicating with the correct language.

We can discover the percentage of accounts that we have reached without following us, that is, people who did not know us but have seen our publication (remember that we are not talking about paid publications, it is all organic). It also gives us the information from where these new impressions come from, from the beginning (of the publication), from the hashtags, from the profile or another origin.

All this information tells us if we can or are expanding the public, if the publication or rather that topic is being interesting or on the contrary, and to our surprise, it hardly has any interaction.

Many times, for this reason, we see posts that do not have more than a couple of likes, but perhaps the interaction is great, they get messages, shares, saves or that directly attracts their attention to go to the profile and then the web.

Structure of a publication

When you publish, you must first take into account what social network you are getting into. The strategy for Instagram is not the same as for Facebook, much less for Twitter. The photograph can be the same, without a doubt, but the content or the extension. On Instagram there are no links, for the moment at least, so if you post a website, try to use easy urls so that anyone who doesn't want to go to your profile or if you haven't changed it in your profile, can write your domain + that theme.

On Facebook it is simpler, there are links and you can directly access the website in question without copying or pasting anything. Now that changes everything.

On Instagram you also have to be careful not to use tools like LinkTree (we have already discussed in this article about Why you should remove Linktree from your Instagram) Because otherwise you will be giving visits and influence to an external company and your direct links in bio would vanish, at least in favorable results for your profile, which is what you are looking for.


If you are going to publish, do not look for likes, seek to reach your current or potential client in the long term, seek to be a reference and not the impulsive act of pressing the heart button. Social networks do not have to be your salvation to sell more, enjoy from another place that will be noticed in your publications and of course this will almost immediately bring more visits in general, more followers and in the long run not only more sales, more regular or recurring customers .

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