What is a community manager and why do you need one?


gestion de redes sociales
Social media management with strategy and planning

Promote social networks, hire a community manager, give cane to the networks of your company, promote in Google Ads or Facebook Ads…and a long list of terms that you have not heard, do not understand, much less manage, but you know that you have to apply it to boost your project.

What is a community manager

Before continuing to talk about strategies and content planning, let's start at the beginning: What is a community manager and why does your company need one?

The main thing about this role is that it does not decide alone, that on top of a CM there has to be someone who manages and makes decisions about content because the main task of this community manager is to apply strategy and content on the company's social networks.

It is often confused between Social Media Manager and Community Manager, in general both are understood as "those who run the social networks" and it is not so.

The important thing to be clear about this is that if you do not have it, your company probably lacks a communication strategy in networks and the results will ultimately not be enough.

Tasks of a Community Manager

  • Being the voice of the brand and knowing how to speak with its philosophy.
  • Optimize the image of the brand in social networks (create it if you do not already have them)
  • Generate, recognize, and find content that is valuable to the community and that undoubtedly follows the “editorial” line outlined in the strategy.
  • If you have average knowledge of graphic design (important) optimize the content with the visual image of the company.
  • Update pages: manage programming and publication of posts.
  • Customer service: read and respond to users and answer their comments and queries.
  • Implement actions on contests and promotions marked in the company by the marketing department.
  • Identify what are the needs and preferences of users.
  • Control statistics: likes, clicks, reach, impressions, participation, number of comments.
  • Collect the results obtained from the different statistical reports of the analytical and monitoring tools. Prepare reports for the Social Media Manager or the marketing department of the company.

Why does your company need one?

Surely the answer is simple, because you don't have someone to do all that with your social networks, because content is probably published without a strategy or the results are analyzed, wasting money on campaigns or content management without collecting information.

That is why a person who manages your social networks must at least play the role of a Community Manager, because every day the competition is greater and the professionalization of communication starts from your page. Facebook, your profile of Instagram or even you Linkedin

Do you want us to help you? We can help you to professionalize or even assess what impression your network management has today together with a digital strategic plan to take your business communication to the next level. 

Write us or leave us a comment and tell us what you would like to get from your company social networks.


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