When you start creating your blog, the most logical thing to do is to opt for a free blog system. There are many web design tools available to launch a blog, although the most common are two: WordPress and Blogger (also called blogspot). They seem very similar and it depends for whom the differences are more or less noticeable. Here we tell you what are the advantages of WordPress over Blogger and vice versa.

WordPress is a CMS (content manager) open source and free, we can install it on our private hosting, the platform is free to download and updates are also free. There is another, even cheaper version, which is the one that is self-hosted on a server and with or without its own domain, we know it as WordPress.org.


With Blogger we have the advantage that belongs to Google and that always makes our way a little easier, although I don't know how far enough to choose it.


Both options are fine, but each one is better than the other on different points, which one would you stay with?