Free advice, why you need it

plan de marketing

You need free professional advice because you can analyze the real situation of your company in a personalized way. Can you tell us?

Optimize your website to have more visits

para que optimizar tu web

A subject that we are always asked, that we explain again and we will not get tired of doing it. Sometimes it is tedious perhaps having to put a name to an image, think about what alternative text we put, description, etc. But it's the only way. There are no magic formulas, although we would like everything to be resolved through […]

How to make Google greet me for my birthday

Doodle de Google

If you want to know how to get Google to surprise you with special treatment on the Google Home page when your birthday rolls around, there's a special Doodle waiting for you there.

Digital marketing or web positioning?

The first mistake that many companies make is to think that once the website is published and social networks are activated, sales and visits will magically increase. That just by having a "beautiful" website, the visits will be giving us the sales or contacts that we were needing. Why is it a mistake? Mainly because the […]